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mercredi 6 mai 2015

"HK epiphany" at Hong Kong Arts Center May 12 2015

Screening of the video "HK epiphany at Hong Kong Arts Center on May 12 from 8.00 pm to 8.45
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"HK epiphany"
Is a 26 minutes video based on a conceptual wandering through Hong Kong.

This video is screened in the context of the curator Anne Anne-Laure Chamboissier and Pascale Cassagnau video program at Hong Kong Arts Center in the Le French May 法國五月 2015 context.

The complete video program:

Programmation by : Pascale Cassagnau (CNAP) and Anne Laure Chamboissier

May 11th and 12th 2015

Hong Kong Art Center, 2 Harbour Road Wanchai, Hong Kong

The parallel and shared histories of modern art and contemporary art with photo-graphy, film, video and television have been forever interwoven, placing art under the camera’s eye, meeting time’s requirements. Here we may recall the extremely relevant encounter between film and art through the documentary film made in 1966 by Brian de Palma about modern art, The Responsive Eye. Preparing a programme of films about contemporary art, understood in its wider context, involves encounters of subjects, fields, and areas of expression aimed at highlighting the task of art. From this angle, the encounter between music and film traces an arena rich in unusual works. The films of Pierre Bastien,Charles de Meaux, Cédric Eymenier, Valéry Grancher, Bernard Joisten, Romain Kronenberg, Ange Leccia and Dania Reymond attest to the wealth and diversity of film work in France.

May 11th Monday
7pm to 8pm : Bernard Joisten, La société des items, 2014, 30'. With the support of : Commission du mécénat de la Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques.

8.05pm to 8.25pm : Pierre Bastien, Reviver (2015), 20’. Commissioned by the CNAP, Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris

8.30pm to 9.32 pm : Ange Leccia, A Perfect Day, 2007, 62’. Produced by : Camera Lucida

9.34 to 10.04pm : Cédric Eymenier, P#12 Tokyo, 2005/2008, 30’. Original Sound-track : Akira Rabelais, Oren Ambarchi, Taylor Deupree,

May 12th Tuesday
7pm to 8.06pm : Charles de Meaux, Marfa's Mystery Lights, 2006, 66’Produced by : Mike Luba-Michael Gramaglia;With the support of : CNAP; Original Soundtrack : The Secret Machines Live concert audio

8.10 pm to 8.33pm : Valery Grancher, Hong Kong Epiphanie, 2014, 33’08’’. Produced by : Valéry Grancher; Sound : Aphex Twins and Valéry Grancher

8.40pm to 9.23pm : Romain Kronenberg, Marcher puis disparaître, en collaboration avec Benjamin Graindorge, 2014, 43’. Product by : Clément Postec pour Too Many Cowboys; With the support of : Commission Image/Mouvement, CNAP, Music : Romain Kronenberg

9.30pm to 9.45 pm : Dania Reymond : Greenland Unrealised (2012), 15’.
Conception and video: Dania Reymond; sound réalisation : Philippe Roiron (Grame); Realisation : Digital Art Cen- ter Taipei (Taiwan), Grame, centre national de création musicale, ENSBA Lyon; Production Grame/Ensba Lyon/Dac (Taipei) with the help of the Bureau Français de Taipei
Programmation by : Pascale Cassagnau (CNAP) and Anne Laure Chamboissier

May 11th and 12th 2015
Hong Kong Art Center, 2 Harbour Road Wanchai, H

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